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E&D Cleaning Services - London

An experienced residential cleaning company in london

Our Domestic Cleaning Services include Regular Contract Cleaning, One-off Spring Cleaning and Pre/post tenancy cleaning.


Regular Contract CleaningContract Cleaning london

E&D Cleaning Services offer regular domestic cleaning on contract basis for all sector whther its residential property or commercial site . With us you can feel safe with the cleaner in your property. Our cleaners not only have they been vetted and checked but have been working for our company for years. Each week your property will be cleaned up to high standard and you will come home to a fresh property.


Our regular domestic cleaners in London are insured by our company you can feel safe with the job that our cleaners do in your property. If you require to leave keys with us and the cleaner you can do so safely knowing that any losses are as well covered by our insurance. 


Regular Cleaning LondonAll our cleaners have permission to work in the UK and have been security checked. Hiring us to be your cleaning agency  and receiving a cleaner through us  you will avoid the hassle and worrier of having a bad or unreliable cleaner.


You can have a cleaner on a weekly or fortnightly basis with a minimum of 3 hours per visit. Our contracts are with minimum engagement of 3 months and you are guaranteed the same cleaner each week. Usually the regular cleaning is done with your materials but should you wish we can supply the cleaning materials as well however, the price will be slightly higher.


One-off Spring Cleaning

companies in londonWe offer as well specialised spring cleaning of your property or just a one-off cleaning. The price is slightly higher than the regular contract cleaning however, you will still get an outstanding service and you will be satisfied with the freshness of your property. Do bear in mind that a spring cleaning will require slightly longer hours to get the sparkle of the property back in.


The quote for the spring cleaning usually depends on the size of the property and more importantly on the level of cleaning if we have to take books or CDs/DVDs out of shelves dust them and put them back or if we have to take all the cutlery out wash it and put it back in will obviously require longer time.


We know what to do when it comes to cleaning and we will perform an outstanding cleaning service in your property. We are able to supply materials and equipment to get the cleaning done.


Pre/post Tenancy Cleaning

E&D Cleaning Services is able to offer a professional cleaning before your move into a new property or just before you are required to give the keys back to the Estate Agency for inspection. We have worked and continuo working with several Estate Agencies and Inventory Clerks in London. We know a thing or two how your property should look so that your Estate Agency returns your property deposit in full.


With all the tenancy cleanings we strongly recommend that you allow us to bring our cleaning materials and equipment. We do that for two reasons probably you have moved all your stuff out already and shouldn't bother yourself with cleaning materials and secondly we will have all the cleaning materials and equipment required to get the job done.


E&D Cleaning Services guarantees all the tenancy cleanings and you can rest assured that after we clean the property there will be no deductions from your deposit by the Estate Agency based on the cleanness of the property.