Covid 19 Service

E&D Cleaning Services now offers Disinfection and Sanitisation to prevent and combat the COVID-19 virus.

How to book

We would like to provide you with a fast and easy experience when booking us.

There are 3 easy steps for placing a booking:

  1. Call us on 0207 328 4566 or fill our booking form online
  2. We will give you estimate over the phone and arrange date and time for the visit
  3. We come, confirm the price and desinfect and sanitise your property

Service 1

Regular Disinfection and Sanitisation as a measure to prevent contamination

This is a service to regularly disinfect premises of high traffic such as shops and restaurants.

Please note we will not be wearing protective equipment as not to cause panic in the general public and we are only required to wear protective gear only in confirmed contaminated areas.

Service 2:

Disinfection and Sanitisation of a contaminated area

    This is a service to disinfect and sanitise a contaminated area or premises which have been attended by contaminated person.

  • In such a service, we will be wearing full protective gear
  • Contact us now to discuss your needs and the cost of the service to your premises.

Fogging Disinfection Service

We can provide you with professional fogging service. Our machines work by pressurising antibacterial solvent, which upon release vaporises in micro droplets which can finely cover any surface. The product not only kills any bacteria and viruses, but provides an effective protective cover for up to several days.

More Details

If you have a specific requirement or you need additional information we will be happy to assist over the phone or email.